any issues ?

‘Hello world!’ is converted to ‘Any Issues ?’ and through this post any coments are welcomed from DS foundation.


Denno D.D.M.V. Secqtinstien


One comment on “any issues ?

  1. Hi Denno Secqtinstien (your name seems to be very lengthy),
    i saw your Issue site and navigated from there to this link (you mentioned some where on that site) so i decided to write you personally. could you please make me a small favour that i am running with a problem right now..

    Actually i am having a problem, which is giving me headaches. i have approached each and every way for saving my self from the problem. the problem is this way round that i have some of the accounts from the email service providers
    1. A yahoo Email Account
    2. A Gmail Email Account
    3. A Outlook Account and
    4. A hot Mail Account
    i want is that a backup of all of the mails over my single account for the ease of accessing them from one portal, i have upgraded my gmail Account with $50/User/Year subscription Fee to use more space provided by Google. could any of the user or professional can suggest me the solution for the problem.


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