DashBoard x (Build Version Dashboard30 updated on 08 Feb 2012)

The Only application of its kind which was debugged on different SDK’s, this Portal uses PHP, CSharp, Visual Basic, ASP.net, Phalanger, Python SDK, Ruby, Javascript and Java SDK. This is a social Networking Portal, intended to serve its members with lots of Applications like Media Portal, Contacts Manager, SMS, Fax, Paint, Photoshop Capable apps, Card Generators, Chat server, games etc etc. it hosts around 30 Applications for users and is designed with the technologies (PHP, CSharp, Visual Basic, ASP.net, Phalanger, Python SDK, Ruby, Javascript and Java SDK) keep in mind. the Dashboard serves the purposes of the applications like :-

1. Address Book

2. Online Examination system

3. Career Portal

4. Cooking Recipe

5. Control Panel

6. Shopping cart

7. Edn (E Developer Network)

8. EGames

9. QA Standards

10. Dev Standards

11. Compilers

12. Text Editors

13. Paint and editors

14. Commission

15. SMS

16. Email

17. Fax

18. Chat server

19. Card Creator

20. Background Changer

21. Roles, Profile Membership Generator

22. Media Portals

23. Photogallery

Currently the software is in Theta (means you will need to get an invitation from its Creators to use and Benefit from it) version and one should need DS Foundation Invitation to use it.

2008 Initiation of Erls Corporation

Erls Corporation was initiated as independent entity by DS Foundation, in the heart of Delhi, india. Erls Corporation got its own Portal at http://www.erlsindia.com but later on with the advancement of portal Dashboard X separated from it and now a days is hosted over http://www.erlsindia.co.in. Erls corporation is the managing partner of Dashboard X and its applications.