Team DSF

DS Foundation the ground breaking solution provider for scientific software is a young, dynamic, professionally managed, and fast growing Information Technology Company that provides technological Services, Supports and Consultancy to its client’s worldwide. We works in developing a strategy for our customers that will maximize the return on their technology investments, to position their business for flexibility & growth, to move their business rapidly toward its strategic goals and manage the impact of constant changes. The company leverages on its expertise pool in leading edge technologies to provide its global clientele a competitive edge to raise their business. DS Foundation focuses on complete IT enabled solutions, customized system solutions, re-engineering works and purely in intranet, extranet and Internet based scenario.

DS Foundation is a major player in service sector in India. DS Foundation boasts of various national and international joint ventures, alliances and technical collaborations. The management style of DS Foundation has been internationally acclaimed by leading institutions like,,, USA ,UK, IDS_Rome(),and Italy ,Germany and nationally with Tata iron and steel Company (TISCO) Ltd. India.
* To help clients achieve their business objectives by providing innovative consulting, IT solution and services Vision
* To be a world class IT software consulting Organization
* To be the best place to work
* Be a result oriented and High performance Organization Values

Market leadership today depends on innovation and getting your products to market faster than your competitors. Delivering superior quality and increasing productivity are also imperative to stay on top of your game. In such a scenario, having a partner in your product development process who understands your needs and has the technology and domain skills, can go a long way in ensuring market success.

DS Foundation offers concept-to-market R&D and engineering services for product development companies across verticals that give you significant benefits. The services include product conceptualization & design, development, testing & automation.

Taking a product from concept to reality is a complex and arduous process. DS Foundation assists you in this respect by offering customized product design services that best fit your business requirements. Our experience and expertise in this industry bring you a number of advantages. Our value propositions include:

* Enhanced Innovation:
DS Foundation focuses on handling a large part of the product development activities and on innovation that will ensure the unique differentiation of the product from a performance/price perspective.
* Reduced Time to Market:
DS Foundation has the ability to meet capacity, capability and innovation needs of clients ensures reduced time to market for new products.
* Reduced Total Cost of Ownership:
DS Foundation offers unmatched cost savings. DS Foundation ability to deliver commitments on time, quality and cost is proven.
* Business De-risking:
DS Foundation offers complete IP protection and can be the long-term reliable partner who understands client business imperatives. DS Foundation service spread spans the entire spectrum of engineering services.
* Product Support:

We provide ongoing product support by understanding your business focus and aligning your product with customer expectations.

* Product Quality:

Our product design services apply stringent quality control measures, which ensure high levels of quality in all our product development.


Achieving optimal performance and the planned return on your IT investment is essential to support your organisation’s strategy and enable you to do more for your customer. Achieving this, whilst budgets reduce year on year, is a critical challenge.

With a thorough market analysis , DS Foundation enables clients to realise the full value of their IT systems. We design, build, implement, integrate and manage both tactical and strategic solutions. In partnership with the world’s leading technology providers, DS Foundation provides a wide spectrum of services in IT enabled development. We help our clients solve their toughest problems in the area of scientific software solution, simulation product development, Industrial automation, and business process automation solutions.

Through our integrated on and off-shore delivery capability, we are accelerating systems deployment, achieving substantial productivity improvements and providing clients with seamless access to the technical skills from legacy to leading edge. The cost savings generated are funding programmes that are directly benefiting our client’s customers.


DS Foundation focuses on complete it enabled solutions and consultancy in the areas of scientific software solutions, customized system solutions, business solutions, re-engineering works and automation services, purely in intranet and internet based scenario. DS Foundation also provide complete e-business solutions and web site designing.DS Foundation has a strong foundation of knowledge professionals, quality systems, tested procedures and business philosophies.


We have a tested and well-planned process for understanding the business needs of the clients. This is done by conducting research on the emerging technologies and products and applying them to meet client requirements. With our extensive expertise we provide a wide range of client-specific services and solutions, which are competitive and affordable.


9 System Software and applications
9 Industrial Automation Application
Machine Automation
Production Automation
9 Business Applications
ERP solutions
9 Data Warehousing
9 Web enabled services
Web-based solutions
Web Sites
9 Customized COM and ActiveX controls designing.
9 Design and Creation of 2D & 3D Animation.
9 Graphical and Imaging software development
9 Conversion of Legacy Data to XML Formats.
9 Document Digitization solutions.
9 Data Processing Solutions.


DS Foundation help clients in developing a strategy that will maximize the return on their technology investments, position their business for flexibility & growth, move the business rapidly toward its strategic goals and manage the impact of constant change. IT strategies help identify which platforms and applications will best meet the business goals. By taking an in-depth look at the business processes, DS Foundation helps identify technologies that enable businesses to operate more efficiently, and support needs and goals for tomorrow’s efficient growth.


* To identify, evaluate and select opportunities.
* To plan and implement selected projects/ opportunities
* Help people reach at their full potential.
* To create a powerful database servers that would support decision-making and implementation


Services offered by DS Foundation is followed by complete study, analysis, documentation, implementation, testing, Integration, installation support & enhancement updation.DS Foundation insures to provide post-development services and support to the satisfaction of our valuable clients. Thus our services are value added and cost effective

Appraoch adoptad by DS Foundation fall into 2 segments.

* Preparatory Phase, which comprises:
– Scanning for new business opportunities
– Assessing potential and likely fit.
– Studying viability
– Identifying resources: available & required (finance,technology, collaboration etc.)
– Board Approval
– Implementation

* Implementation Phase, which includes

– DS Foundation transforms technology goals into a well-defined plan. We define the scope and effort required for each project, to help prioritize and effectively budget development.

– DS Foundation uses the most advanced development tools to build state of the art systems. Professionals at DS Foundation have real-world experience with powerful database servers supporting open, flexible systems that reduce training time, costs and hardware solutions that improve system price to performance ratios. We pride ourselves in delivering quality work at tremendous savings
Competitive prices

DS Foundation’s professional services and advanced solutions are offered at reasonable rates. We are confident that our prices will impress you compared with the high level of services we provide.